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Judes Makes it Easy to Use Diapers Sustainably

It's really easy-to-use, healthy for your baby, and good for the environment.

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Judes customers have already prevented 117,000 kgs of plastic waste.

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Why Judes?

Has the plastic waste of disposable diapers simply become unbearable? You said it!
But, isn't using cloth diapers too complicated? Well, we felt the same.

That's why we developed Judes. Our goal:

The simplest diaper in the world that is truly sustainable.

It really paid off, because parents everywhere love it:

4.8 Rating average (based on over 1000 product reviews) 

Nele and Leon,

Founder of Judes, parents of Fiete (1)

How Does Judes Work? It's Simple!

A waterproof overpants, with a super-absorbent inner diaper.

Judes Family, the cloth diaper store

A waterproof overpants, with a super-absorbent inner diaper.

97 out of 100 customers find diapering surprisingly easy with Judes.

What More than 1000 Judes Parents are Saying

Judes Makes it So Easy for You to Use

Washing? Yes, but simple and hygienic.

The Judes diaper fleece separates the solids from the diaper. The inner diaper catches the pee and when washed at 60°C, it's perfectly clean and hygienic again.

Read more here.

Impractical on-the-go? No, Judes makes it easy.

Daycare centers love them. Judes make travel and vacations really easy.

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A big "diaper butt"? That's not the case with Judes.

Judes makes sure regular-size clothes fit.

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How well do they prevent leakage? Judes performs better.

This is a surprising answer for many parents. Judes prevents leakage more effectively than disposable diapers.

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How do I get started with Judes?

Simply answer a few questions and we'll put together the perfect set for your baby!

Our Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you disagree that Judes is easy-to-use, you'll get your money back! If you purchase our Trial Set, you get our 100-day-money-back guarantee. Even if you use your Judes diapers.

How do I get started with Judes?

Simply answer a few questions and we'll put together the perfect set for your baby!

Our Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you don't find Judes easy, you get your money back! For the trial set, you get our 60-day money back guarantee. Even if you have used Judes.

On average, a family spends 2,000 euros per child on disposable diapers and generates 1.2 tons of plastic waste.

Every disposable diaper that's been made since 1949 still exists.

Judes are:

Made in Europe

We manufacture at a manufacturer we know personally. We therefore know that they commit to fair working conditions.


Judes protects your baby's delicate skin with soft, adaptable fabric that allows air circulation, so it "breathes".  The heat accumulation that's generated by disposable diapers does not occur with Judes.


Our inner diaper is made of organic cotton and diaper inners from paper. Judes overpants are made from recycled plastic bottles.

For a radical change,

start at the bottom.

Your cloth diaper store for you


Overpants: Made from recycled plastic bottles

Inner diaper: Made from organic cotton

Air can cicrulate freely (so the fabric can "breathe") and it's anti-bacterial

Cheaper than disposable diapers


Disposable Diapers

Approx. 1 ton of plastic waste per child

Harmful chemicals

High temperatures and heat accumulation

Approx. €2000 per child

Not recyclable, fully disposable, or biodegradable


Why Judes are healthier

than disposable diapers?

Air cannot circulate optimally in disposable diapers. This leads to an unnaturally warm environment - American researchers have measured increased temperatures in disposable diapers by up to 10%. This can lead to skin sores and rashes and cause unnatural developmental issues.

You can find more detailed information on our FAQ page.

Why are Judes so simple

to use?

We posted an explanatory video on Instagram - you can find our account here.

We developed Judes so that they're pretty much are like using disposable diapers. Putting diapers on and removing them is done in the same way. We also made sure that both the absorbent diaper and the waterproof overpants are easy to wash (both must be washed at 60°C). We believe that changing diapers with Judes is even easier than with disposable diapers.

You can find out more on our FAQ page and on our Instagram account.

Why is washing so easy?

The biodegradable Judes Paper (diaper fleece) catches your baby's stool. When you take off the diaper, you can easily separate the poop from the inner part of the diaper.

The inner diaper goes into the diaper bag. When the diaper bag is full, you place it, together with the diapers, into the washing machine. Keep the zipper at the bottom of the bag open, so the diapers are automatically slung out of the diaper bag during the washing cycle. Judes can be washed as easily as your household laundry at 60°C in your washing machine. Use heavy-duty detergent. Drying Judes on the washing line takes about a day and a half. You can also dry the diapers in the dryer, of course.

The used diapers are easy-to-store in our diaper bag, which can "breathe" due to air circulating freely. You then wash them collectively every 2-4 days.

Can I also use Judes 


Yes, it's really convenient. Our diapers are primarily designed to prevent leakage, but also to be compact, so you save space. It means that while you're out and about you can store the used inner diapers in our small diaper bag, and then wash it at home with the rest of your diapers. We've also received outstanding feedback from daycare centers who are very postive about diapering with Judes.

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Who We Are

We could now simply tell  "Our Story" about how, after a really long search for a manufacturer, after trying out almost one thousand prototypes, after hundreds of customer meetings, we finally developed the perfect product. All that would be true. But in reality, it's really about something else for us, something truly important:

We all want our children to be happy, healthy, confident and to have a good life.

At the same time, we feel that the world, as it is today, cannot continue to exist if we continue as we have been up until now.

And no matter who we talk to, we all feel kind of powerless in the face of it.

But we are not powerless. There are so many brilliant initiatives out there...

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Did you know that you can now lease Judes sets?

Cancellable on a monthly basis.

Would you like a personal meeting?

Feel free to call us: +49 (0)89 62825080

(daily 9:00 - 11:00).